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Welcome to my website! It is still under construction at the moment but please have a look at my portfolio page, or check out my about page to find out more about me!


Digital Flower Prints

Working from flowers growing in my garden I produced a set of six flowers in the style of prints. I focused only on parts of each plant with bold colours and played with the layout of different coloured sections on the page to create strong contrast and do the flowers justice.

Viking Ball Game

Take up the sword in this block breaking game to smash ice, earn power ups, and test your skills. Read about how I am making this game and I expanded on the typical block breaking game with power ups and new features including a more dynamic paddle.

Random Outcome Generator

While writing a power up management script for my block breaking game I came across the problem of making an adaptive random outcome generator that was flexible enough to remain consistent with outcomes disabled and be easy to add to in the future. Here I break down my solution and propose how to impliment it.


Early twenties aspiring polymath from the south of England always learning new skills. Currently working on a website to share what I learn and create on my journey, starting with a portfolio. My main focuses are design, programming, and art which allow me to work on a huge range of subjects supported by my other love, writing and storytelling.
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